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The GRNSPG (Gruppo di Ricerca Nucleare San Piero a Grado)

The GRNSPG (San Piero a Grado Nuclear Research Group), led by Prof. Francesco D’Auria, originated from the thermal-hydraulic and severe accident research groups of the University of Pisa. Around 60 qualified (PhD level) members, Professor and recognized International Experts, are part of the group and share a long lasting experience in the area of accident analysis in water cooled nuclear reactors. Experimental facilities have been designed, built and managed by the Group.

The Research Group mainly works, in International contest, on fields directly connected with the technology of the Nuclear Power Plants:

  • Licensing and best-estimate licensing application in support to industries or regulatory authorities
  • Safety Analysis of Nuclear Power Plants
  • Codes development and validation

The key competences of the group are in the following areas:

  • Thermal-Hydraulics
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Uncertainty in NPP Accident Analysis
  • Probabilistic Safety Assessment
  • 3D Neutron Kinetics
  • Structural Mechanics
  • Quality and Environment
  • Education and Trainings
  • Radioprotection
  • Nuclear Fuel Performance and Materials
  • Licensing & FSAR

The GRNSPG collaborates with Private Companies, and establishes partnerships with Public Organizations (both national and foreign). Among them, European Commission (EC), OECD/NEA, IAEA, ANSALDO (Italy), CEA, EDF, IRSN, AREVA NP (France), OKB GIDROPRESS (Russia), GRS (Germany), Argentinean Electricity Utility, Nucleoeléctrica Argentina S.A. (Argentina), CNPE Co. (China), CNEN (Brazil) can be mentioned.

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